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Micro patterning for device fabrication

Photolithography  equipment drawing micro patterns , using UV laser (405 nm) beam and 50x  to 100x  objective lens

  • hardware: XYZ motorized micro-stage and optical microscope

  • image writing software:  open black-and-white image files with pattens and write the pattern like a pen, tracing shortest paths

  • vector line drawing: The user draws lines directly with the mouse while looking at the microscope image of the board, and the scanner draws a pattern along these lines.

  • maximum writing speed: 700 um/sec

  • minimum spot size: 1 um

  • 2 writing modes: area filling with low resolution + line drawing with high resolution

  • Photoresist: compatible for general optical lithography PR

  • Applications: solar cell electrodes, big electrodes in micro-device, contact pad for device, microfluidics device, lab-on-a-chip

  • Image pixels: 1000 x 1000

  • ​sample stage tilt correction 

  • Price: ~$23,000

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